Chris Costoso

Chicago IL Freelance Photographer

At 30, Christopher Costoso has already accomplished a life goal by photographing Marc Anthony – a man he’s admired his whole life for his work ethic and determination. However, Christopher says he still has a long way to go before he feels like he’s made it. Born in Rio Piedras Puerto Rico, Christopher was raised in Trujillo Alto and came to Chicago when he was 15 years old. Initially, he dreamed of becoming a chef and owning his own restaurant. However, fate intervened when Christopher began to see the beauty in all the things surrounding him and decided to take up photography. Christopher began his photography career doing promotional work for local clubs and bars when they needed a photographer or videographer. Feeling inspired to capture the limitless beauty of people, places and things, Christopher purchased his first camera and set out to learn everything he could through trial and error. His mission is to present the art of photography as something much more vibrant, emotional and complex than a simple picture. When people look at his images, Christopher hopes to convey a unique sense of raw beauty. When will Christopher know he made it? His wish is to be prominently featured in magazines, newspapers and movies but a true measure of his success will be when he can provide for himself and his family through his art. He hopes to one day photography President Barack Obama for the simple fact that ‘he is history.’ A self-taught photographer and videographer, Christopher is just getting started.

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